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"2017 Iron in the Hat"
Rules, Regulations & Requirements
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27 4 Open discussion or Questions ...
by Hank Rearden
Blacksmithing Articles for commentary
Use this to comment on newspaper & magazine articles or association newsletters.
36 4 Smithing in 1693
by jmccustomknives
Break the Ice. Say Hello
Introduce yourself.
436 70 Hello
by jmccustomknives
Blacksmithing for Beginners
Getting started in blacksmithing? For beginners in blacksmithing who need some encouragement.
239 29 Metal Temps
by anvil
Blacksmithing in General
A general Discussion on blacksmithing.
348 54 Anvil
by Ohio Rusty
Blacksmithing stories,
Share historical stories and folklore about blacksmithing with others.
97 16 Blacksmith Ledger from Mcclur...
by Hank Rearden
Members Handy Work
Backyard engineering and work a round's. What are you making? Gives us all the details.
325 56 Firesteels - How I start
by jmccustomknives
Shop Safety is for Everyone
Help others avoid dangerous mistakes. Share your experience.
34 9 tools to make tools
by NorrinRadd
Thoughts and Ideas
What's on your mind. Anything that doesn't fit elsewhere can go here.
Moderators:Hank Rearden
209 28 Forged in Time - Caveat Empto...
by Skarzs the Cave Troll
"Video" Tutorials
How to videos including ABANA curriculums.
88 11 Great tutorial on a different...
by Hank Rearden
     Tools of the Blacksmiths Trade.
Anvils - Swage Blocks
Anvils, Swage blocks, general discussion, identification, best use and repairs.
237 36 Striking Anvils
by Skarzs the Cave Troll
Blacksmith Tool Restorations
Conversation Restorations. Anvils, Forges, Blowers etc. Shows us how you did it.
126 18 Wheel
by NorrinRadd
Blowers and Bellows
Controlling the heat and other techniques.
46 5 Champion Blower Question: Mo...
by Hank Rearden
Drills - Bending - Presses
Drill press, bend and scrolling tools, Hydraulic and hand presses
39 11 Making a hydraulic forging pr...
by Skarzs the Cave Troll
Getting it hot and other keeping it workable.
242 32 A case against a brake drum f...
by Duce
Questions or comments on types of hammers. Power, hand held, striker etc...
79 17 Types of Blacksmith Hammers
by Duce
Hardies, Tong and Chisels
And other tools for working metal.
47 15 Some west Texas yard sale fin...
by Hank Rearden
Jigs-N-Rigs & other Blacksmith Tools
There's more than one way to skin a cat. Show how you solved a fabrication issue.
104 22 2x72 finished
by Hank Rearden
Vises and other holding tools
Post and leg vise. Bench Top and anvil vices
39 6 Not as Cool as a Post Vise bu...
by Duce
     Around the Smithy
Setting up the Blacksmith Shop
Designs or features in your blacksmith shop that work for you.
35 7 How many of you blacksmiths h...
by Metalmelt
Blacksmithing Techniques
Bending, drawing, hammering, punching, scrolling, splitting, twisting, upsetting, welding
21 3 Forge Welding?
by jmccustomknives
Forge Fuel
Types of fuel for the forge.
47 12 Free Coal to the First Taker
by jmccustomknives
     Blacksmith - Disiplines
Architectural and Function
Show what unique and interesting tools and hinges, latches, hooks or what ever and tell us about it.
21 5 The Dutch Crowns, usefull to ...
by Yves
Artist -Sculptures & Jewerly etc...
This is a great place to share your latest work of art.
65 12 Birthday present for wife
by Hank Rearden
Foundry - Casting - Pattern
A forum on the craft of cast metals and pattern making.
10 4 home foundry, melting with co...
by Hank Rearden
Horse shoes, corrective and general. Mobile forges and shops.
11 2 Are all farrier rasps equal?
by omegaman66
Wheelrights & Carriage Makers
A specialized blacksmith for animal drawn carts, wagons and coaches etc...
5 2 If you want a feel of what a ...
by David Einhorn
     Bladesmithing and Armor
Armor and Armor making, helmets, chest plate, shields, etc...
0 0 No posts
Medieval Weapon Making
Blunt weapons like clubs and maces, war hammers and picks, polearm and pikes
by jmccustomknives
Bladesmithing: Daggers & Knives
Daggers & Knife making interest.
293 51 Blacksmith Tool Idea
by jmccustomknives
Swords and Swordsmithing
Armed swords, broad swords, Falchions, Long swords, samara swords
7 2 The Sword of Martin the Warri...
by Skarzs the Cave Troll
flux, welding compounds, brine, soft water, metal protectors, rust removers...
12 4 Borax Flux Compound
by Skarzs the Cave Troll
Iron Finish Work
Patina to paints, finishing your work to completion.
0 0 No posts
Smelting - Bloomery - Furnace
Iron Ore & Bronze smelting and bloomery. Backyard crucibles and blast furnaces.
19 4 I don't know what to think ab...
by Metalmelt
Tempering and Heat Treating
Share knowledge on temper or heat treating.
89 17 How does one heat treat via a...
by Hank Rearden
Welding Brazing and Soldering
Making things stick.
30 7 Which MIG welder to buy?
by jmccustomknives
     Types of Metal / Alloys
What's this made of?
Found good scrap metal I don't know what kind of metal it is. Ask for help.
35 4 Some scrap I found in my dad'...
by theengel
Ferrous Metals
Carbon & Mild Steel Alloys, Cast & Wrought Iron, Damascus Steel, Stainless Steel
72 12 Stainless Steel Sculpture
by Hank Rearden
Non-Ferrous Metals
Aluminum, Brass & Bronze, Copper, Lead, Silver
50 12 Another candle holder
by Skarzs the Cave Troll
     Blacksmithing Events & Happenings
Demonstrations & Hammer In's
Let others know about blacksmith demonstration or hammer ins by posting them here.
46 9 Williams Grove Historical Ste...
by Hank Rearden
Blacksmith Club Talk
Post information and the latest activity about your club.
36 7 Alabama Forge Council
by jmccustomknives
Past IITH Online events
2015 IITH Particpants, 2016 IITH
This forum is dedicated to the past IITH events sponsored by our forum.
204 19 Handled Hot Cutter and Punch ...
by NorrinRadd
     Blacksmith Associations & Forum Links
Blacksmith Association Links
A.B.A.N.A. Forum, Appalachian Blacksmith Association, FABA Conference, Florida Artist Blacksmith Association , Houston Area Blacksmith Association, Indiana Blacksmithing, North West Blacksmith Association , Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmiths Association, Upper Midwest Blacksmith Association
Find a blacksmith association near you.
5 1 Indiana Blacksmiths Associati...
by Hank Rearden
     Forums / Websites of Interest
Blacksmith Forums, Blogs & Historical Reference
Backyard Metal Casting, Dills Tavern Historical Org, Sousa Tool Steel reference chart, Survival Manual
Contact us to add your Blacksmith related forum or blog to this section or our forum.
3 1 check this out!
by stuarttheblacksmith
Educational Schools
Arrow Head Forge School
Post your classes available
2 1 Lessons in Blacksmithing
by Arrow Head

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