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Any advice on creating my first set of tongs? Hank Rearden 596 1
by JackP
my hardie hole Dustin Stephens 202 4
by Scrambler82
Some west Texas yard sale finds. jmccustomknives 135 6
by Hank Rearden
Made a bottle opener divot maker out if a ball peen NorrinRadd 70 3
by Skarzs the Cave Troll
Blacksmith's Helper/Smithin Magician Article from Appalacian Area Chapter Newsletter 1999 NorrinRadd 321 1
by Anthony San Miguel
Road Trip Tomorrow!! Looking for deals Dustin Stephens 47 1
by jmccustomknives
Chisels and drift punches at Rural King Dustin Stephens 87 2
by Anthony San Miguel
Camp hatchet as a hot cut? Dustin Stephens 222 9
by Dustin Stephens
Punch, chisel, drift table. Anthony San Miguel 185 4
by Anthony San Miguel
Dressing the chisel tip Hank Rearden 504 1
by RobWilson
Tire Iron Hardie Hot Cut- Pritchell Tool NorrinRadd 560 3
by NorrinRadd
Expert advice needed on this type of hardie. Hank Rearden 412 1
by jmccustomknives
Up fo Sale Fisher Norris Hardie Pantent Dte Oct 16th 1847 Hank Rearden 979 0
by Hank Rearden
Pictorial tong build by foring stage Hank Rearden 857 0
by Hank Rearden
Tongs needed to get started blacksmithing. Hank Rearden 774 0
by Hank Rearden
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