• Hello from a Greenhorn

    My name is Neal Dunn, I am from Currie, NC, a 62 year old semi-retired industrial mechanic. I have always wanted to learn about bladesmithing and...

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    Started by MrNeal

  • Good Morning from Montana

    My name is Gordon Huddleston ... I go by Hud - I am a Traditional Blacksmith ... my shop is an 1800's style village blacksmith shop ... have been...

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    Started by Hud

  • Forced air forge

    can someone tell me the best way to apply forced air to my forge ? Do I add air into my propane line or run air into my forge body itself?

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    Started by Ben Hegwer

  • Hello there

    Hi everyone, just joined earlier today, hope to learn lots through these forums - I have an interest in learning some skills one day when I have an...

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    Started by Spelunker

  • hello from the bluegrass state

    Just wanted to say hello from dry ridge KY. I'm just starting out and was looking for anyone in the greater Cincinnati/ northern Kentucky area...

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    Started by pnut

  • Greetings from Missouri!

    Greetings from Southeastern Mo!

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    Started by TheIrishBull

  • G'day from Oz

    Hi fellow metal mashers. I was a Fitter and Machinist in what now seems like a past life, at least I think I was, the trade doesn't really exist...

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    Started by RaymondRife

  • Hello from South Carolina

    Seems like a lot of good info on this forum. I'm always open to learning more. Thanks for having me!!

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    Started by MountainMan

  • Hello from north mississippi

    I just found this site looking forward to learning more

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    Started by hawk111567

  • Hello from Maine / CT (QUESTION / OLD FORGE INFO)

    Hello all, I am joining as a prospective knife and general Blacksmith Hobbyist. I have found a little Forge in the Attic of my 1850's Old Ivory...

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    Started by seldomseen

  • Hello from Arizona ( formerly OK)

    Just found this resource...looks great. fairly new to Blacksmithing ( 5 years) but have done a lot. Also a glass artist ( fusing, stained,...

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    Started by CaptainLann

  • Howdy from Ohio

    First off I’m a hobby woodworker/ carver that got into Blacksmithing so I could make the hardware I was having to buy from substandard sources. I...

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    Started by GrumpyBiker

  • Hello From Georgia!

    Hello All! Newbie-never-struck-hot-metal guy here from Augusta Georgia! I've always wanted to try but never had the opportunity until now to kind of...

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    Started by Rreardon227

  • New smithy trying it out in Michigan

    Hi, Im Jacob. I have had long time passion for making things and metal work since working in artist classes in college. At times I have found myself...

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    Started by Jacob Elmslie

  • Hello from New Mexico

    Hello everyone! New member from New Mexico here. I’m just getting started and learning how to manage my coal forge and move metal. I look forward...

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    Started by RaginEskimo

  • Hello all

    Hello all new member here looking for some local metal workers for conversation and ideas I do a fair amount of modern metal work at my job and in my...

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    Started by Mike Westbrook

  • Hello

    I am Wayne Coe. I am an Artist Blacksmith who makes a few knives each year. I registered on this forum when it first got started but never became...

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    Started by Wayne Coe

  • Williams Grove Blacksmithing Group

    I was first told about a Blacksmithing Group in Williams Grove, PA by William Smith. He was organizing a Blacksmithing Group at the Early Americam...

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    Started by

  • Hello Everyone, Mechanicsburg PA

    Just wanted to say hello and say that I look forward to learning from the forum and seeing everyone's projects. I'm currently just starting my...

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    Started by C-Spec25

  • Less Yakin' and more whacking!

    New to the forum. Hi. Love to make. Love to learn. New to blacksmithing. Guess that means I'm an expert Greensmith!

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    Started by Grandadz Forge


    Hello all, New to the forum, looking to get some information on some bigger equipment. Currently have a 25 Lb. Little Giant that I am looking to...

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    Started by Doug N.

  • Expert info needed

    Hello All, I come from a long line of folks, who enjoy picking for iron, wood and rust, for fun. We've never invested a lot of money (because we...

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    Started by Ironpicker64

  • Hello from Phoenixville

    Hello I'm in Phoenixville pennsylvania, and I'm looking to get started with blacksmithing.

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    Started by Pfeiffer5212

  • Old Guy trying to learn a new hobby !

    Hello, I am an old guy trying to learn a new hobby. I moved to SoCal, just north of San Diego, from Gloucester, MA, miss the water and the winter,...

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    Started by Scrambler82

  • Hi there!

    Hello from sunny Sydney. Looking forward to read all about your experiences and share some of mine. Marc

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    Started by Marc

  • Hello from South Korea!

    Hello all! Brand new to the craft, I know nothing but metal is hard and when it comes out of the fire it's hot! I've been watching YouTube videos...

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    Started by IronHead

  • Hello

    Hello, Just registered, from New Mexico

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    Started by Waynem

  • Forging

    Jim from the middle of Minnesota. Interested in learning to forge blades and motorcycle parts.

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    Started by Metalbender

  • New here

    Hello magnet from N E England im an Engineer for my job but i love to tinker in my smithy down the garden. Ive been collecting blacksmith gear for...

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    Started by magnet

  • Hello from Pennsylvania

    Went to a local "learn to blacksmith for a day" last year, and got totally hooked. Started collecting tools on eBay, found a decent...

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    Started by Pining4

  • Howdy From Central Indiana

    Just like to say hello. Just starting out,know just enough to be dangerous. Though I've got a million question I'll try not to cover the same ground...

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    Started by Duce

  • new guy

    Hello, Just signed up for my first class next month. always been interested in Blacksmithing but now I have the time and $ to start. I've been...

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    Started by metalninja

  • Hidy from North East Texas

    I am tryin to set up blacksmith equipment. I have never done any actual blacksmithing, but I have worked with iron most of my life. At this time I am...

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    Started by confederatemule

  • Hi from Calgary

    John from Calgary saying hi. I've got coal, steel, an anvil and a portable forge with a hand crank blower. I just need to light a fire under my butt.

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    Started by johnnielsen

  • Good day, smiths!

    Howdy, I am a geezer with a hammer. Been smithing about 17 years now, I volunteer as a historical interpreter (blacksmith) ar Washington on the...

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    Started by Hammerhand

  • Hello from Cincinnati

    Just bought my first forge and made my first project (rebar tongs). They are SO bad. Oh well, I'm starting on a new pair now, but during the...

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    Started by theengel

  • Hello from Gulfport Ms

    Just heard about this forum on the "BlacksmitHER" podcast and thought I would drop in and check out the forum and say hi

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    Started by Unregistered

  • Hello everybody

    Just dropped in to say Hi. I hope that you all have a great year ahead.

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    Started by retter

  • Hello from Cape Breton

    Hello I'm a journey men pipe welder who is really starting to enjoy workin with a forge and an anvil.

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    Started by Bubba682

  • Mississippi Newbie

    I have a few hammers and know nothing.

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    Started by bcarver

  • Howdy from Austin, Tx

    Stumbled across this forum. When younger, when in college, worked for a number of welders. Have some skills that way. At ren-fairs, re-enactions,...

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    Started by WolfBrother

  • hello

    just a shout out to all the smiths here, i have always wanted to get into becoming a smith my self and finally i have reached that time and means in...

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    Started by pronne

  • hello

    Hello from north Idaho

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    Started by wonkydog

  • hello

    hello my name is berend

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    Started by beermeneer

  • Hello

    Hi my name is Rickardo and I am from Vancouver. I just joined up, thought I would pop in and say hi

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    Started by Rickardo

  • Hello from Pennsyltucky

    Hi Folks. I've been lurking for a while...decide to chime in. My name is Paul. I built my first forge from a wok and the wife's hairdryer about 9...

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    Started by mountaintop hammer

  • Hello from Norway!

    Hi! Getting my smithy running as a beginner And learning every day

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    Started by Terje Tiger'n Tetlien

  • Saying hello

    Been blacksmithing since 1985 Check out the web site Mwolfeblacksmith.com Thanks....

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    Started by Mike Wolfe

  • new old guy

    Hello! just registered. i'm 63 and live in tennessee. have my grandfathers old 140 some-odd lb. anvil, and ten or twelve assorted hammers, a nice...

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    Started by alicecooper

  • Newbie reporting

    Heya guys, just wanted to introduce myself and maybe get a couple questions in. My name is Travis and I've been eyeing at armor craft for a few years...

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    Started by Achimasi

  • Glad I found you folks

    Greetings and hello from Georgia! (The state, not the country) Glad to have found this forum filled with you fine folk. I'm a bit of an amateur...

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    Started by Kado

  • G'Day from Downunder

    Hi All I am a disability pensioner and I am wanting to learn a new skill and since I was in the watchmaking/jewellery trade (as an assistant before...

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    Started by ShenLun

  • Greeting from Central OK!

    Greetin's y'all! Been lurking here for a few days, learning what I could. I am an aspiring bladesmith with zero experience. I know I'm starting...

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    Started by LetsGoViking

  • saying hello

    New here figured I'd do the obligatory introduction. I'm considering building a forge this summer to trty something new. so I figured I'd look into...

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    Started by RustDeamon

  • Hello from Tennessee, for now

    Hi everyone, I live in Southern Tennessee near Chattanooga. I'm a member of the Choo Choo Forge with a bunch of great guys. I have finished the...

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    Started by Metalmelt

  • Hello

    North Central Ohio. I conduct blacksmithing classes for Ohio Historical Connection/Society near Canton Ohio. Three class levels. I enjoy restoring...

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    Started by SW Reynolds

  • hello from north texas

    Hi, I'm Steve. Ice Broken! No really I'm new to the hobby. I put together a little brake drum forge inserted into a 30g drum. with 2' of 3 inch...

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    Started by Steve Meyer

  • forgotten

    Well I believe that I joined this site within days of its inception but had forgotten all about it until recently. I will have to stay a lot more in...

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    Started by Yesteryear Forge

  • Hi from New Zealand

    Hey guys, I'm a amateur who's been trying to get into the hobby for about a year now. through various trials and tribulations I'm now looking to make...

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    Started by Vullgaren

  • New guy

    Hello all I am just starting to get stuff together to make an anvil and a forge. So far I have 2 two foot railroad rails I got for free and a large...

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    Started by jls191

  • Hello everyone

    Just found forum im live in s.c been going down black smithing rabbit hole for 2 months now built a small forge gonna get a anvil soon made knife so...

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    Started by Porterboy

  • Greetings From Toronto

    Hey Everyone, I've been learning about Japanese bladesmithing techniques for a little while now. i would like to put those to work in the next few...

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    Started by SaiyoHitoKnives

  • Hello from Oklahoma

    Just in search of information. Have been interested in knife making and blacksmithing for most of my life, would like to explore it alil further.

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    Started by ChrisSquires

  • Anyone want to host a wide-eyed 8-year-old?

    Hello all! My son is fascinated by swords and armor. I suppose that is something that almost all boys go through. But his fascination seems to be...

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    Started by williamrice

  • Hello From The Russian Woodworker

    I was recommended to join this forum by a youtuber with a channel name OrionsAnvil. I am currently 15 years old and I love blacksmithing,...

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    Started by Anthony Strazhnikov

  • Hello

    I am a brand new member of the forum. While I have been practicing welding and blacksmith work (fabricating knives , and tools of all description)for...

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    Started by CuttingEdge

  • Greetings from a cave in the mountains.

    Hello, fellow smiths! It's good to see an active site out in the wild internet. I'm Skarzs, a cave troll crouched in his cave while it snows...

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    Started by Skarzs the Cave Troll

  • Hello from Indiana

    Just found this forum and thought I'd say Hi. I've been smithing for about 18 years and full time for 12.

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    Started by mtforge

  • Hello from Thailand

    http://www.blacksmither.com/episode-50-victor-plitt-a-new-online-blacksmith-forum/ I come to joy with you all from this link. ...

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    Started by สายลมลอย นะ สวนขี้คร้าน

  • New on the forum and new to forging

    Good day members. I am new on this forum. My interest is to forge with steel cable items like cutlery. I will try my hand at cable forge butcher...

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    Started by Gert Odendaal

  • Hello From Villa Rica GA

    Hello all. My name is Jake (although im known by some as Ducky). I live in western GA and used to do daily blacksmithing. From tools, to S hooks,...

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    Started by Duckwalk

  • Hi from Holland

    Hello, I'm a complete dummy when it comes to blacksmithing . The reason i registered is because a question i have regarding a hand forged dragon...

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    Started by Cel71

  • New guy saying hello

    Just finished first day of smithing with newly built gas forge with my 12 year old son...found the site looking for burner ideas.

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    Started by Steve Shepherd

  • New to the craft

    Good morning all, Just joined the site this morning after looking around a bit.I've been want to try my hand at blacksmith and knife making...

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    Started by Rhodyfish

  • Strike while the irons' hot...Right? That's about all I know. from N. GA.

    Howdy, I'm building a forge from an old barbecue. I lined it with clay and ash, and I have a piece of 1 1/2 pipe with a hair dryer attached. I...

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    Started by ironman.x5600

  • Hello

    Hello from rural Arkansas.

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    Started by Rickratt

  • Hello

    A beginner from Georgia

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    Started by crackerjack

  • I am a school student doing a blacksmithing survey

    Hello, As I said in the title, I am a school student studying blacksmithing as a South Australian Research Project subject. I have posted a link to...

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    Started by

  • Hello from Denver CO.

    Hello everyone. I just found this forum after looking to see if there were only 5 episodes of "Forged in Fire"? I loved that series. I have...

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    Started by DPOOLE166

  • Hello from Kentucky!

    Hello all, My name is Dustin and I am new to blacksmithing. I caught the bug a few months ago and have been gearing up to smash some metal. So far...

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    Started by Dustin Stephens

  • Hi from Pa.

    Hi my name is Al . I'm new to blacksmiths I have a small forge that burns coal and no anvil yet. I have a good back ground in welding and woodworking...

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    Started by Ryedog

  • Hello from Spain!

    I was surfing and suddenly i found this forum! I am Dani and I am from Spain, I work for a great company that works with creating different ...

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    Started by

  • Hello from San Antonio, Tx

    Hello everybody. My name is Anthony and I've been pounding hot steel for about 9 months. The journey started for me when I bought a multi part knife...

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    Started by Anthony San Miguel

  • Just saying HI!

    Hi there ,my name is Rob and live in the England , Freely admit I know very little about blacksmithing .At the moment I am building my forge and cant...

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    Started by RobWilson

  • New from Oregon

    Been getting interested in making knives and figured this would be the place for insight and tips on getting me started. I just picked up an anvil...

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    Started by freeloader700

  • Looking to get started

    Hello, I recently moved back to the greater philly area. I was stationed down in Florida with the navy and got set up in the steamfitters Union...

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    Started by Patsoxriot

  • Howdy from the Hinterlands...

    So, here I am, at the edge of the world, barely hanging on Texas (the border's about twenty miles, but it FEELS closer). Moved up here ten years...

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    Started by kalindras

  • South Central PA

    I'm a retired Manufacturing Engineer, who's kind of "backed into" Blacksmithing, ... as a "hobby". ( Though perhaps it was...

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    Started by SmoothBore

  • Hello from Upstate NY

    Hey everyone, just wanted to "meet" you all and say hello. I've been interested in Blacksmithing for as long as I can remember because of...

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    Started by ZaxmyththeBlaxmyth

  • Hey from the South

    Just another hobby blacksmith from south of the Mason Dixon line. Got a relatively new shop geared for forging and wood working with the kids. Just...

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    Started by NorrinRadd

  • Howdy from 'bama.

    New to the forum. I guess I'll share a little about myself. I've sold welding supplies since the '90's and several years ago accidentally stumbled...

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    Started by jmccustomknives

  • Hello from New York

    Greetings from western New York. Have been on "that other smithing forum" for several years and it's a great forum but I'm glad I found...

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    Started by Ferrous Beuler

  • New guy saying howdy ya'll

    Just picked up my issue of Backwoodsman magazine and saw the classified for this forum. My self and my son in law tinker a bit with making a few...

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    Started by dedubya

  • Ohio guy new to this site

    I was at the library today looking at the latest edition of Backwoodsman, one of my favorite magazines, and saw the web address for this site. I...

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    Started by Ohio Rusty

  • New to The Iron Forge Fire

    So as this is my first time on the forum I would like to introduce myself. I'm (lets stick with the user name) IAC which stands for Iron Age Crafts....

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    Started by IAC

  • strange paths

    STRANGE TWISTS AND TURNS IN LIFE Stuart Geisler Editor of The Burholme Stamp Club Newsletter As a ten year old boy, I was full of intellectual...

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    Started by Snake Creek Forge

  • My first exposure to a blacksmith at work.

    I would tell you the first time I saw a smith working was when my horse pumpkin was shod by a local farrier. That was 42 years ago. I stood back as...

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    Started by Hank Rearden