• Forging Wall Hooks

    I got board this weekend and wanted to use the coal forge. I figured shooting a video would be fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRHrWCtGL0Y

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    Started by jmccustomknives

  • Consistency and repetition

    If you had to make 30 of something, how would you go about keeping consistency in each piece? Would you take all 30 pieces one step at a time, and...

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    Started by theengel

  • Upsetting and bending a 90 Degree angle

    I wanted to share a technique I used to bend a 90 degree angle in a piece of 1/4"thick by 4" wide mild steel stock. I used to chipping...

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    Started by Hank Rearden

  • Forge Welding?

    So I'm making a pair of tongs (this is my 4th attempt... each time it gets a little better) and I figured I'd try making them out of RR spikes...

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    Started by theengel