• Mystery files

    A friend brought some files in the hope that he could make knives out of them. Found them at a yard sale. I figured we'd anneal them and grind out...

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    Started by Sparky48

  • Some scrap I found in my dad's barn

    I don't really know what this is. I would guess it's some type of farm tractor tool, for plowing or something. Anyway, it's about a half inch...

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    Started by theengel

  • Gifted a large saw blade

    Had a friend give me a saw blade. I'm thinking it's L-6 steel or am I wrong? Should be good where it's flat right? First time I've gotten one of...

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    Started by NorrinRadd

  • Indentify that scrap metal

    I thought this site might help forum members identify different metals they come across. Keep in mind some metals are dangerous or should be forged...

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    Started by Hank Rearden

  • whats this

    OK I have two, large L shapes brackets, that were intended for structural building with steel "I" beams. any guesses as to what metal they...

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    Started by RustDeamon