Hank Rearden
Well it's the last day of summer and I worked 10 hours in snow in central Pa.

The upside is I found a 100 lb. bag of soft coal for $19.95 or $230 dollars a ton delivered. I pick it up Monday morning and will spend the rest of the day hitting things.
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That's great!  We are swimming in coal around here, but none can be had.  The mines won't sell it in small amounts. [mad]

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Thats a pretty good price. I bought some about a month ago for $40 -100lbs.
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Ohio Rusty
That is a good price. That is half the cost of what I see soft blacksmith coal priced at.  I have access to lots of Ohio coal just laying on the ground, but it has a high sulphur content and takes a bit of work to
get it to coke up and become truly usable.
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