Did some light clean up on my 1912 solid steel Hay Budden anvil.

The picture is a before shot. Check out the video and tell me your thoughts. :D Thanks everyone! 


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Got her cleaned up!  Happy forging [biggrin]

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Looks great, welcome to the forum.
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Hank Rearden
Great project. Here's a link to anvil restoration in the forum here, if you haven't read this yet.

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Norseman C.B.
Looks good, After hearing it ring I personally
wouldn't re-weld that one, if you want to make crisp edges
you can make blocks of different sizes to fit yer hardy hole for that.
       Just my  $.02

Speaking of GREAT sounds, who does that tune that
started at the flap wheelin  ???...................Cliff

       OH YEAH ! Welcome to the forum.....
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