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This is a bit unusual for a blacksmiths forum, but it may interest someone.

So I've acquired a few bars of known quality steel (1084, 1095 & 9260) and some martensitic SS and I'm not really set up to do much with it yet except cut some blanks. So in an effort to make the most out of the steel I wanted some cutting templates so I (hopefully) don't butcher any metal and waste it.

II thought I'd make some designs for templates but while I was doing so I thought why not just print the whole knife and see how it feels in the hand before I even cut any metal. The 3D printer does the work so it's no harder to print a template than it is to print the whole thing.

This was designed with Onshape and printed in PLA with a TEVO Tornado.
knife.png  There's no cutting edge as I haven't decided on a grind yet. My knife design skill is still in its infancy but for a first attempt at a very simplified design it turned out quite well. As I get more skilled I'll add metal bolsters and refine the designs a lot but this will give me something to work from that will hopefully make a reasonable first knife.

knife2.png  This is how the templates looked after printing.
And everything fits together perfect. DSC_0473.jpg 
It has a really good feel in the hand & looks like it will be goer for my first knife. It's going to be a kitchen knife for my Mrs, she loves the feel of it. If it turns out well I'll have templates so I'll be able to replicate it and if I want I can upgrade the design very easily if I decide to make a better handle.

Sorry if this is out of place here, I know it's a bit unusual for a Blacksmiths forum & in some ways computer generated designs are not really in the grain of the craft. I just thought I'd make a post to help keep the forum ticking over and give people something new to read.

Cheers guys



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It's a neat concept to 3d print a prototype.

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I great use for a 3D Printer.

What else have you printed ?

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