Jacob Elmslie
I love and even think I have some kind of life mission to restore old tools, that have seen near 100 years of service to prepare them for another 100 (even if used very little). Most of my tool collection has some from over 15 years of collecting (I had a 210 hay budden anvil in my college apt because the price was too good to pass up even though I had no shop at the time)

This is one of my first drill presses though its the second restore. I found it on Craigslist, in a tool lot, it was all seized up from rust and it became a forgotten project of the seller. 

Taking some time, WD-40 and some light taps where needed I disassembled all the parts, gave a good wire brushing (by hand) and put them in a bath of vinegar to eat away the oxides and left over grime. from there I removed the parts and cleaned up again with steel wool (gets rid of any flash rust from the evaporating vinegar) 
Then I taped up all the parts I didn't want painted and spray painted the rest. Reassembled all the parts and applying a white grease to all moving contacts. Now surprisingly is nearly effortless to turn. 

I had to add a new jacobs chuck because I am not sure how to repair the one it came with. There are basically 3 prongs inside held together by a spring, and a plug on the bottom that when screwed pushes the prongs forward into an inclined plane that closes them. Somehow the prongs got out of place and are sitting inside of it askew and it wont close and I couldn't get them aligned. so any tips on what to do with those are great. because I would like to refinish that piece as well. 
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I own two of these. They are presently waiting for me to look after them. Your work will/might (…) get me going. Nice job.

Might I suggest replacing the hexagonal bolts or lag screws with either black, non galvanised bolts or bolts for wich you would forge square heads. Correct me if I am wrong but I think that the black hexagonal bolts or lag screws would fit the period of these post vises.

Again, nice job.
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Jacob Elmslie
When I got it it the old board was pretty rotted and some of the old lag bolts for the mounted base fell out. I decided to just upgrade it to the best modern thing we had which was the stainless. I like it enough. 

I have done 2 drill presses already, I wish I had more to do, I love restoring old tools, but now I have other restorations waiting 

Thank you!
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