Hank Rearden
Hello folks, At this time I'm planning on being at the ABANA conference Friday and Saturday. Hope yo see you there.
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2020 ABANA Conference in Sarasota New York. June 3rd. through June 6th. Plan now!
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David Einhorn
I plan on driving down Wednesday and driving back on Sunday.  Each day down there will be a full day.

Expect some serious traffic while driving through Manchester, and the Baltimore Beltway/695, and another traffic jam around Washington, and another traffic jam as you approach Richmond.  If there is an accident on the Bay Bridge traffic can end up bumper to bumper all the way to the Pennsylvania line.  If you are driving down on Friday, plan accordingly, because you don't want to miss half or more of the day on Friday.
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Grandadz Forge
I won't make this year. Planning on SOFA Quad State in September

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