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Here a few advertisement images of Champion Forges you can use for a reference to determine what was available when you could buy the new. These images can be a reference to help you identify or locate what might be missing if you're looking for a forge to buy.

Champion Forge (1).jpg 

Champion Forge (3).jpg 

Champion Forge (4).jpg 

Notice the ad with the rivet Forge, Imperial Machinist Forge and the Imperial Blacksmith Forge.

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On that no.81 it has the bar on the side what would that have been used for? It is just like a tool rest
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That is where you place long steel and heat in the center of it. Notice the recess in the edge of the forge on the opposite side. I made a similar support for long steel but further away, plus I also use a tripod with an adjustable roller for the same purpose further away. 
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