Anthony San Miguel
My newest anvil, Lol. It feels like it's made from aluminum and you can see peen marks on the face and horn. Maybe from being used by a jeweler?

I'm using it as a paper weight on my desk at work. Paid $1.00 for it at the flea market. Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_20150812_114214.jpg, Views: 18, Size: 1.29 MB Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_20150812_114227.jpg, Views: 18, Size: 2.08 MB
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Hank Rearden
I have two brass anvils. They're pretty heavy. I don't need to always be in the shop. They hold down my design sketches.
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I've got a couple of aluminum anvils a little smaller that that.  One looks to have come from up Victors way.  I can't recall the town that was cast and the year was in the mid '70's.  It looks to be from some kind of convention.

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