A friend has anvil that he wants to get rid of. It has rust on it. He said I could have it. Can I use a rusty anvil? Also is there anyway to remove the rust? I'm new to all of this and would appreciate any information you could provide....NC
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A rusty anvil?  Shouldn't hurt it too much.  You can brush it off, just working with it (hot iron and hammer) will remove the rust from the top.  Clean it up, get some pics and register so you can post them here.  We'd love to see it and see what you make.  I have one of those rusty anvils myself, it's only 160 years old.

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Skarzs the Cave Troll
As long as you're careful, you could also grind it if you really want to make it shiny.
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Hank Rearden
Hello, Hope you take the time to register. Here's an idea I like. I haven't tried  it so if you do I would like to know how it worked. I understand it. I just have not had the time. Electrolytic rust removal. I do believe it leaves your rust free metal black.

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I'd love to have a rusty anvil. It will do anythang a bright shiny one will do. Besides; "Never look a gift horse in the mouth.". In other words say; "Thanks". Then take it to your shop and put it to work.

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Ohio Rusty
You can use and angle grinder with the wire brush attachment to wire brush off all the rust. After you start pounding on the flat top, it will clean up from the heat and the friction of pounding on hot steel. 
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I agree ... wire brush with a face shield. That will remove all the rust. Then spray WD40 or rub some warm beeswax on it and start pounding hot iron.  
Anvils don't have to be perfect, no need for sharp edges, straight or flat face. They are old and hand made and work at their best just as they are. you can even forego the cleaning up. just spray WD40 on the side's rust and start hammering. [smile] Do you have a set of hammers yet?
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Reading this, I noticed Hank's reference to the instructible.  Just a side note, but an upside-down jar over the rebar, and capture the gasses coming off it.  For that matter, capture the gasses coming off both pieces of metal.  Then you can show your kids a neat little science experiment.  You're essentially separating the hydrogen and oxygen in this process.  Light a match above the hydrogen jar, and you get a big POOF.  Light it above the oxygen jar and the flame grows a little bit lighter for a few seconds.  If you're able to get the gasses together in the same jar, without introducing any outside gasses, and light them, you've reversed the process you just went through.  You're turning the two gasses back into water.
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Galt's Glutch Forge
Kool input. Thanks.
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Never grind the face of your anvil.

To remove rust, put it to work. Beat some hot iron and voi,,,la cleaned face.
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Newbie here,
Not really knowing but thinking old things, I would leave the top alone, wire Bruch things a bit as stated above, coat it with something that might lift some of the rust... over time, not right now.  it's funny I am even writing this because I am an Instant Gratification kind of guy and do things to see results but something old... let old girl decide what she wants to give up and when.

How about a few pictures, close-ups of any character, maybe a pic of under the horn, under the tail and the top.

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