Photobucket is now charging users to post to 3rd party sites like Forums, ebays and others. Most pictures I've put on here will be going away soon. I will not pay a $400 a year ransom to keep my photos up. I guess you can right click the blocked photo and open it in another tab. this opens the PB site and shows the picture sometimes.  Sometimes it doesn't work, maybe some have deleted their accounts. I'll keep my account open for a while, but you'll have to wade through all the ads and hope the site is working. Here's my whole library, almost all is metalworking and CNC stuff with some family and fishing.

What hosting sites are others using, I'm sure our photo posting is limited directly to this forum.
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I was using it, but haven't in a while.

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I use but I don't in any way pretend that the images I post in forums will still be available in 10 years.  I just accept the fact that I can either reduce the images and put them directly in the forum, or have them be unreliable.

BTW, love the baby.  My wife and I had 6, but they're older now.  My oldest is twenty and I'm praying every night for grand kids soon.  I mean, not until she's married, but I hope they get the ball rolling soon.
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Skarzs the Cave Troll
I use photobucket, but it is always very slow and full of ads. Looks like I'll be switching very soon.
What I'm planning on switching to is google photos. I think you need a google plus account, but it's free. Can't say for sure because I have never used it. :/
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Hank Rearden
I used photobucket for a while. It worked great.  10 years ago. They updated at some point and I never cared to keep up with the changes. Anyway, you have a photo album in your profile. You can use that for now. I don't think you can create images for other sites though. There is always a work around.

Dropbox has similar features to photobucket. That might work.
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New Guy here, I too noticed a problem with PB coming.  Not sure when it will take affect.
I need to make sure I have copies of all of my Photos and then stop using them. 
Thanks for the info.
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