I would like to get into metalworking, I have a few questions on it. 

1. what are the basic tools I need to start off with forge, anvil, hammer, tongs, safety equipment, etc. ? 

2. What should you start off forging?

3. I’m located in Southern Louisiana are there any blacksmiths in that area that I could learn from.

4. Are there any decent people to watch on YouTube?

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Howdy from Alabama.  Lest first start with what discipline you want to pursue.  A lot of folks will blur the line between a Blacksmith and Bladesmith, their tools are similar but how they accomplish what they are making is in some cases very different.

For the general Blacksmith you need a source of heat (forge), an appropriate heavy and hard mass (anvil), a hammer (several varieties), something to hold the work with (tongs).  You'll also need to protect your hands and eyes.  I'd also recommend work boots with a steel toe, things can get dropped on your foot.  

Leaf fob's are a good place to start, I think theirs a tutorial here on that.  

There are lots of videos on youtube, you can usually tell a newb from a more experienced smith.  Visiting a local smith is a great way to get an idea of what you need and how to set things up.  Their are also ABANA groups around the country, I believe you'll have a group near you.  You'll also want to visit the local hammer-ins.  Our group, the Alabama Forge Council will have our meeting coming up in September, there will be demo's and tailgating.  An event like that is a great resource for a new smith.  There is usually a cost involved, don't let that stop you.  Treat it like an investment.  I have learned a lot since I started attending these, and that has translated into a better product.  

Good luck!  Keep us posted on your progress.

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Mike Westbrook
Check out black bear forge he's a great teacher and goes over alot of the basics .
Facebook (South mountain metal works)
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Thank you for answering my questions and giving the advice I will try to go to the nearest Blacksmithing meeting
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