I'm in trouble, been thinking ahead, maybe a little too far. I'm getting the anvil under control, working on the forge, gathering hammers, and planning out makeshift tongs. Building and scrounging being my blood looking for parts for either a power hammer or a press. Trying to decide which? My goal is to forge knives and Hawks after doing a lot of hooks, leaves, buckles, stick pins, and crosses. Which would be handier. Thanks Ahead of Time Ya got a log splitter. Home built
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I don't have any power equipment at all.  It doesn't slow me down, much.  A press is slower, but it will be easier to tool up for Hawks.  Personally, I'd like a press for Mosaic Damascus.

Rule #10;  "I can make that" translates to; "I'm to cheap to buy it new."

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I would get your forge and anvil... then decide how much time and money you want to put into this hobby.
Or, if not smithies per se, were you otherwise trained in the metallurgic arts before straitened circumstances forced you into a life of aimless wanderin'?
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