I actually stumbled across my hard copy of this the other day and had totally forgotten I had it or where I got it. I found it online again when I googled it at the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association.

As a result of the 3d rendered hammer thread I thought I would post it here.

pdf Blacksmith Helper@Construction & Dies.pdf     

Its a well done article and it looks like many of the ones I've seen so I think it should work well.
I plan on making(welding) mine out of some bush hog blades I have laying around and using 1 1/2" x 1/2" mild steel for the dies since I can get it easily from my local steel place.

Might help out some folks if they've never seen it.

Just make something!

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Anthony San Miguel
Something like this one seems easy to make. I wouldn't even bother giving the frame this tapered shape. Just 1/4" mild steel rectangular shaped should work.  I have plenty of 18 wheeler leaf springs to make dies out of. Guillotine tool.jpg 
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