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I picked up two block and tackle pulleys for the shop. At first you may ask what a block and tackle has to do with a blacksmith shop. The answer is in the shop I'm planning I'll need to move a few heavy things from time to time. ie: swage blocks and anvils along with heavy steel, etc...
The block and tackle I picked up can handle more than I plan to have a use it for.

As far as the restoration it's was straight forward. Disassemble, wire wheel brush the rust and paint. I picked up a three pulley and a two pulley at the local antique shop. Paid more than I would like to, On the other hand they matched and didn't look like they were ever used hard if at all. Mostly rust and dirt for just lying around.

I pulled the cotter pin holding the shaft the pulleys ride on. Unbolted the rope tie and cleaned the parts. Over all I spent about 1 hour on the project. I painted it with oil bronze rustoleum paint.

To my surprise the pulleys had bronze bushings. Next project will be to add rope and a swing arm in the shop.
Can anyone provide a manufacturers name? Finished photos coming.

block tackle 3 pulley.jpg 

block tackle 2 pulley.jpg

Below is the double pulley disassembled and ready for cleaning.

bloack tackle apart.jpg 
Below is the finished triple block and tackle pulley restored. Well it's cleaned up well and repainted and in good working order. I used a restoleum "oiled bronze" on all my tools I'm cleaning or restoring.

block and tackle.jpg 

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