Hank Rearden
 I'm not sure what to do. This was my first anvil and I bought it on ebay. I like it and for no other reason it was the first purchase of any of my blacksmith tools. Here's the dilemma. I want to clean up some of the wear. It's old and around 1860 to 1875. I thought someone could help me pinpoint the year better. You'll see the pock marks in the photo. I could sand the side to remove the mushroom and a little more and the pocking wouldn't look that bad. One the other hand it's in overall good shape and I can use it as is. What would you do?
fisher norris anvil.jpg
There's no date. Only the letters F N on the left side base Looking at it from the horn side.

fisher norris logo.jpg

Fisher Norris Logo close up.

fisher anvil F N hilite.jpg

Letters F N under horn on base.

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