And I will add that one may read a lot about the 'Packing process' of case hardening where the item is put into a container of a say charcoal and heated for hours in a fire pit of some kind.  I personally would never bother with this.  I think that I will get just as good a casehardening with my plunging or pulling the red hot item through some Sodium ferrocyanide.  It takes but maybe two or three minutes with my Rosebud and a minute to pull it through the compound and then it can be done two or three more times.  I am aware of the heat treating 'theory' of the little carbon atoms getting into the cube of iron as it expands and then quenching it fast to trap them in the iron cube.  You know it is called a 'theory', a 'heat treating theory'...and we know that a theory is an unknown fact.  But this is the better more well-known 'tool' to help understand heat treating. There are other theories that are more different than this to explain heat treating, but this is the more easily understood theory.  No problem on this.   
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