Jacob Flenner
Looking for a cheap anvil to be used (yes, as a tool not for a collection) by a beginner. Preferably looking between 50 and 100lbs with a hardy and prtichel hole. If you have one you are willing to sell at a low price, or know of someone else please let me know.
-Jacob Flenner
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So here's your problem, your wanting to get something cheap that has a known value.  To do that your going to need to get lucky and find someone who doesn't know the value.  That means hitting yard sales, and talking to people.  Sooner or later you'll get a lead, move fast on it.  Using this method might take years (it took 4 years for me to find one).  So the next question, what's that time worth to you?  A decent anvil can be had for around $500.  Save your money, it won't take as long as getting lucky.  
Now there is some good news, once you loose, for lack of a better description, your anvil virginity, others seem to appear out of no where.  Like I said, it took over four years for me to find one.  After that, I've owned and sold several and currently have 3 in my shop.  
You can also build one, I worked those first four years on one build from a RR track.

Good luck!

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Hank Rearden
I bought my first on eBay. Buy it now for 249 Bucks. It was local. So I drove over to get it and waited for the seller. No show. Got a little upset. They promised to have their son drop it off the evening. He did. What they didn’t disclose was poc marks on the side under the face plate. I didn’t care. I was just glad to get one. It’s a 1860 fisher in really good shape except for some of those deep poc or divots. Most likely casting marks. Then A man called me said he had one in the garage. 250.00 not negotiable. I went to see it and paid him with cash for a 203 pound Swedish Paragon made by Soderfor in 1906. I can’t say which I like better. Point is it seemed like forever before I got one. Now I see them regularly. Keep you eyes open and let people know what your looking for. You’ll find them.
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Wayne Coe
If you are just looking for a cheap anvil you are going to spend a lot of money.  Forget cheap!  Even if you are just looking for a starter anvil get at least 100# in good shape, not cast iron, but cast steel is ok.  You can find a 50# cast iron anvil at Harbor Freight for cheap.  We call them ASOs (Anvil Shaped Objects).  If you are looking for something to get started with and to determine if you are going to continue your interest get a piece of heavy RR track or a large piece of steel, they won't be "Anvil" shaped but as a beginner you won't be using the horn, hardy or pritchel anyway.  If you get a small "cheap" anvil you will have to be buying a better anvil later, probably won't be able to re-coup the money spent, but, if you buy a good anvil to start, then find that you are not going to be a blacksmith you can always sell a good anvil, quickly.

Let me know if I can help  you.
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Where can I buy an anvil must be the most popular question in forums around the world. 
And the answers usually are similar to the one above. 
When there is nothing wrong with scouring the countryside in search of an anvil, if that is your kind of fun ... I watch the "American pickers" show and find it real fun ... whilst sitting on the couch, the price of second hand anvil is close and sometimes higher than new price.

So ... my advice for what it is worth ... buy a farrier's anvil, they fall within your weight specifications and are good quality, and the only search you need to do is a google search. 
Prices between 300 and 400 rupees 

And now the piece of resistance ... If the prices of new farrier anvils is too steep, BUY AN ASO FROM HARBOR FRIGHT !!!!!!
Yes, I am not on the turps, I rather use a cheap soft made in china anvil than a railroad track. A beginner is likely to miss his work more often than not and mark even a new anvil. Let him beat the hell out of a cheap ... really cheap anvil until he knows if he actually likes the trade, does not mind setting his clothes on fire, get bald patches from hot scale, tennis elbow, black snorts and getting sworn at by the neighbours. 

Plenty of time to buy a better anvil. Who knows, may be by then, they start to show up all by themselves. 😉
And just in case you missed it, do not make a beginner work on a railroad track. There are better ways to torture a person. Pull his toenails out with pliers for example ... 😉

Here is a link to the world ugliest anvils ... of guaranteed low quality, but with an unbeatable price. You can smack them for a couple of years and when you become proficient and your anvil is out of shape, hang it on the wall with a sign, I started on this thing, and buy a Refflinghaus.

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