I hope you all are receptive to what could be a silly question. I have started to forge from recycled aluminum into metal plates for a barbell. Plates as in weight lifting plates, not dinner plates. I knew my aluminum plates would be much larger than their store bought steel counter parts getting into this. However my question is:

Q: Can i compress this metal aluminum plate, say by way of 20 ton shop press into a density that is greater in a volume that is smaller? If yes, what kind of forces are we talking about to make a smaller denser aluminum plate.

Thank you,
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Hank Rearden
Thanks for posting a great question. I'll give you my two cents that's worth much less. Here it goes.

Nature shows us things can be compressed everyday. Rocks, black holes look at volcanoes spewing molten lava created by extreme pressures. Even the particle colliders made by man to give you a few examples off the top of my head.

So I guess it depends on what type off aluminum you start with. Stretched aluminum could be compressed, Certain aluminum alloys as well. Although I wouldn't think very much if your trying to pack more aluminum into a smaller area. One problem would be cracking as pressure increases. Aluminum can work harden like other metals.

One more point I like to bring up is I do not think a twenty ton press has the power to compress.

You could consult with an Alcoa engineer.

Thanks for a great question.
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