Anthony San Miguel

I bought this belt grinder about 2 months ago. But other than run it for around 5 minutes and put a piece of steel to it to make sure it worked, I hadn't used it. Well I used it last night for about 2 hours straight, dressing hammers, chisels and punches and I have to say that I am very pleased with how it performed. This little machine ran like a beast! It didn't even come close to bogging down. The motor never got very hot and all this was with a cheap Harbor Freight Warrior ceramic belt.

I paid $15 for it at my favorite flea market but I would pay $50 if I saw another one! Highly recommend it.



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Hank Rearden
Thanks for the review. We have a big auction coming up this labor day weekend. A belt sander on my hope it's there wish list.
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