Hank Rearden
Just found a couple of nice chisel today. They were near a junk shop near the Enola Rail yard. I've been meaning to stop by for some time now. Every time I pass the place I thought to myself that pile of rusted steel in the window was worth looking at.  I just needed to find  time to stop. I felt sure something was there I could use.
So when I went to pick up the dog from the kennel I stopped A good pair of tongs and these Chisels.

So I thought I share dressing the chisel tips since these didn't need a lot of work and I'm no expert but can manage a few things okay. From left to right you'll see Two cold chisels then a half round and on the right a cape point chisel. Overall they didn't look like they've seen much work at all. Mostly rust from storage with rusty stuff.
blacksmith chisels found.jpg 

The cape chisel on the left is wider at the tip. This helps prevent it chisel of getting stuck in groove work. The half round on the right was just a little dull.

cape chisels.jpg  

Below you'll see how they look after the wire brush and just a bit of grinding. I took care not to over heat the edge of the chisel. The cold chisel on the far right has a nice clean edge now. It is best suited for cold work because the cross section is thicker. The cold chisel next has a sharper edge. I didn't want to put that much edge on it: but oh well, I'll use it of hot work. It won't keep the edge as long so I'll get a chance to clean it up again then soon. You can see the edge isn't even like the cold chisel on the left. A 60 to 65 degree angle is ideal. That wouldn't pass my shop teachers standard.

With the exception of the half round the chisels are edged to the center of the stock. In other words the each side is has a symmetrical edge that meets in the middle. Not all edges are ground this way. I'll address different edges that at a later time.

Commercial chisels are hardened about 1/2 inch from the tip. As you wear them out keep this in mind so you'll know when it's reached the end of it's safe useful life. I used the hone to take the ragged edge out after using the grinder. I also dressed the mushrooming out of the striking end. If you're watching our iron in the pot you'll see these chisel being used soon at an attempt to make a dragon...

blacksmith chisels.jpg 

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Nice find Hank ,looks like they still have years of life left in them . 

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