I watched Joey Van Der Steeg make one of these and my wife said “that’s something you could make for me”.
 I’ve never attempted anything like this before as my propane forges aren’t designed for larger items .
 I’m now looking at building a two burner side opening forge for these oddly shaped items.

I started with 1” round stock and bumbled around trying to figure out how to spread & shape the tines given the confined opening to my forges.
 In the end it turned out alright. Far from perfect but that matches the maker.
 Being a woodworker first I had some oak in my small stock bin and shaped a handle narrow enough for my wife’s smaller hands. 
 Turned out the tail section from his design wasn’t desired so I eventually cut it off.

0692F05F-FCC6-4D96-8DFD-2DB154C4FCE3.jpeg  FB065925-2307-421F-B16C-5AAFD69E2B29.jpeg  48A81463-90BD-4CF9-B7A0-81683BB294F8.jpeg  770F2AFB-E013-4AA6-9A48-84BDDD5BA8F4.jpeg  D6DA9060-1685-4307-AA19-5204670365B9.jpeg  261DD6C6-990F-456D-82AF-FF655471BA36.jpeg  23FFE6B2-5D23-4824-AEA7-E6C0952EB73F.jpeg


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Rule #10;  "I can make that" translates to; "I'm to cheap to buy it new."

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Stancho Toshev
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