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Finally got it done and it works a lot better than the first one I made with the refractory cement.

Used my Graham Forge 100k btu burner from Atlas Knife Company and a 20psi regulator.
Its a little shy of 2" of ceramic wool and a few coats of a "Fireworks" brand kiln wash.
I almost got some Metrikote from Wayne Coe at for this. But I already had the kiln wash and I decided half way through this build that I would probably be building a bigger one in the future. So I will wait and get some then.

It has a somewhat adjustable part shelf that can be used on either end. That still needs a little tweaking. The base is welded from 10 gauge plate and 1" angle.

I picked up a digital thermometer and a thermocoupler so this will probably become a heat treating oven eventually.

My takeaway from this build is that the insulation needs to be coated with some sort of refractory/kiln wash even if you use rigidizer. I know that the ceramic wool is a consumable but it should extend its life a good bit.

It was a fun build and I'm really happy with the forge.

I posted a build video if you got 10 minutes to kill.

Here are a few build pics:
sorry if they are a little askew, hadn't quite got the hang of resizing pics on this forum yet.

Just make something!

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Hank Rearden
That's Really nice. Clean to boot.
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Skarzs the Cave Troll
Very nice. I've thought a muffler would make a good casing myself. 
Personally, I find that gas forges have much less of a central hot spot and is pretty much all evenly heated when the burner is facing  one of the walls. Mine goes in just below the top kaolwool and creates a spin of flames rather than the blast centered on one point on the forge floor.
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I'm liking this gas forge alot. The burner in this one is angled to hit at the edge of the floor, makes a good swirl.
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Hank Rearden wrote:
That Really nice. Clean to boot.

Thanks Hank.
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I've got to build a small forge.  That might do the trick.  thanks for sharing.

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Sure thing man. Hope it helps.
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added some build pics to the original post
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