Hi All

I am a disability pensioner and I am wanting to learn a new skill and since I was in the watchmaking/jewellery trade (as an assistant before becoming a disabled person) I wanting to turn my hand at the creative talents of blacksmithing.

So due to my disability I can't bend down so I am looking at creating a high forge (rotor drum forge) and work bench again high.

What are the basic tools I should get to get me started? Do I need access to more tools ie grinders drill press etc.

I read somewhere from a brief section of a blacksmithing book somewhere about making your own tools, but obliviously you need a basic set to start with. I like this idea as when I was working I started off making my own benchpeg, and hand removers.

So a starting list of equipment (assume I have NO tools please [tongue]) and exercises would be great.

Kind Regards
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Welcome!  Blacksmithing is a very physically demanding hobby (just ask Hank [wink]  ) but you can incorporate it into the skills you already have by working small.  A lot of smiths have trouble with doing small stuff.  The advantage is you don't need a big anvil or use a heavy hammer.  For your forge I'd recommend making either the drum forge (coal/charcoal) or a small gas forge (prefered for the small stuff).  Also for small stuff a cutting torch is awful handy as you can use it to focus the heat.

I understand anvils can be hard to find in your parts so a RR track anvil might do the trick for starts. 

You get the source of heat, hammer and something to use for an anvil and that's gonna be a good start.  I used, and still do to this day, vice grips instead of tongs for many projects.  I'm a heretic in that way, lol but it makes handling the smalls a lot easier.

Once you get those three things you can work on forging leaves and tapers.  If you enjoy doing it then you can add on to your shop.  Good luck.

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Hank Rearden
Shenlun. I was just wondering if you might want to find a group near you that might be able to show you some of the basics of working with iron. That might act as a good primer to get you started. 
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