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Ohh all you wise ones out there,
can you kindly suggest an appropriate grade of steel I should use to make a Cut Off !

I'd like to cheat and buy one but no one sells them in NZ

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Mike Westbrook
I bought a bent digging bar at a sale for 2 dollars best hot cut I have i cut the chisel end off and reworked the handle end to fit my Hardie 
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H-13 is a popular steel for such a tool.  S-7 is just below it.  But you can make it from any steel, even mild but how long it lasts goes down as carbon/alloy goes down.

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Skarzs the Cave Troll
I have used all manner of steel for cut-offs, and Hardy tools in general. I have used mild steel (if you don't mind re-dressing it or just keeping the metal hot when you use it), axle steel most commonly, jackhammer bits, and a little bit of 1 1/2 inch round stock 1060 steel.
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Norseman C.B.
4140 is my go to for that, and a lot of other tools old axels are a good source of that steel............
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axels are good. all the above works well too.
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i agree with buying an old fencing bar (digging bar) in a garage sale. Cheap and easy source of good steel for many hardy tools. 
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