Hank Rearden

Has anyone sculpted skeleton hands?

I want to create two skeleton hands holding cross swords as a front bumper on a 1941 Plymouth Coupe. Swords naturally dull. Hands will most likely be larger than an average human hand. I'm unsure if it's best to lap joint the knuckles and forge weld multiple pieces. Finishing will be a brass wire brush rubbed over the hot metal to transfer the brass. Any other ideas? Has anyone created anything similar?

Photo shows some of the detail of the hand. To make realistic joints I think I'll forge the finger bones individually and lap joint a forge weld. I'll be starting with 3/4' square stock.

Below is an image of the 1941 Plymouth Coupe. For those familiar with street rods the finished car will be a cleaned up car with Rat Rod details. Ghost flames with images of art from Kaethe Kollwitz airbrushed in the flames very faintly.

1941 coupe.jpg 41 coupe.jpg

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