SW Reynolds
North Central Ohio. I conduct blacksmithing classes for Ohio Historical Connection/Society near Canton Ohio. Three class levels.
I enjoy restoring old forges and blowers. I forge whatever I feel like at the time. I don't make knives. Sometimes I just like to build the fire and smell the coal, if nothing more.

Assisting a fellow who recently opened a shop in Historical Lyme Village, Bellevue OH. 
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Anthony San Miguel
Welcome to the forum, Mr. Reynolds!
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Skarzs the Cave Troll
Welcome to the family, Mr. Reynolds! Don't have to be a knife maker to be a blacksmith. [wink]
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Welcome aboard!  While 90% of the stuff that comes out of my shop is blades I enjoy doing historically accurate projects other than knives.  Doing stuff like that will make a better all around smith.  I look forward to seeing some of your work as well as input on projects and prospective on old "found" materials.  I have a nice collection of axes, plow knives and other wrought materials it will be good to have your input.

Rule #10;  "I can make that" translates to; "I'm to cheap to buy it new."

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Welcome aboard SW!
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Hank Rearden
Hello SW Reynolds,

Welcome to the forum, We have a forum to post your classes below. I can also add a link to your website as well from the forum. For that matter anyone who provides classes or any historical websites are welcome to have a link from the forum. Just message me with their link information.

As for me I've restored a few things as well. That's half the fun.
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