Hello All!

Newbie-never-struck-hot-metal guy here from Augusta Georgia! I've always wanted to try but never had the opportunity until now to kind of get started. I have some ideas but by the looks of things they are short sighted but I hope to fix that here! I spent 10 years in the Army so I am no stranger to hard work and determination. I have plenty of free time and would love to involved my older son in some of this Tom foolery.

Cannot wait to dive into the posts!

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Looking forward to seeing what you do.  Depending on where you are in Georgia, Birmingham Alabama has a couple of nice meetings twice a year.  There are also smaller forge meetings, could be one near you.  Opportunities to see and interact directly with experienced smiths is worth its weight in gold.

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I just started looking around the area but Birmingham is in the other side of the state from me. I'm in Augusta. Thanks for the reply and I hope to be able to post something cool eventually lol.
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Wayne Coe
Check out http://www.ABANA.org, then click Affiliates, then Affiliate list.  There is a group centered around Macon and Savanah.  http://www.AlexBealer.org is centered around Atlanta.  North and South Carolina each have groups.  Contact the Affiliates, attend some meetings, meet some smiths, you might find someone near you.  http://www.SBA.org has a conference in odd numbered years on the 3rd weekend of May in Madison, Georgia.  This should get you started.

Let me know if I can help you.

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