Hank Rearden
This is a well produced video of a wheelwright family business that has been handed down for many generations.

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David Einhorn
Wheels that I made.
forge hold.JPG 
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Am I seeing bolts or studs that hold the iron on?

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David Einhorn
JMC.... shown in the photograph are 1/2" Tire Bolts as specified during that period by the U.S. Army.  The U.S. Army stopped using studded nails and strakes  before  the end of the 1840s.  Those tires are *shrunk* onto the wheels.  I can assure you, that the wheels as of this date, still will hold themselves together even if I removed the bolts.  ..... The bolts helped keep the tires on if the tire became loose, but ideally the tire would hold itself onto the wheel.  How to make the bolts, and build the wheels are documented in my book. 

The hub bands are also warm fit/shrunk on..... but each band has three nails through it, in case any of the hub bands become loose.
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