Enjoying the heat here in the Deep South.  Makes for nice time forging and knife making.  Here's some recent projects.  First up, a cable Damascus hunter forged from 3 pieces of 1" crane cable with a chitum burl and stag handle.  

Next up is a Kabar inspired Black Diamond Bowie.  The handle isn't leather, but alternating stacked brown paper and canvas micarta.  The pommel is the original stamped tang from the file.

65786265_10214839550485734_7313797175819894784_n.jpg IMG_1043.jpg  

This one is a vintage Heller diamond cut file with a chitum burl handle.

IMG_1060.jpg IMG_1063.jpg 

And finally a 4 bar, Turkish twist Bowie with stabilized Buckeye Burl handle.


Rule #10;  "I can make that" translates to; "I'm to cheap to buy it new."

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Beautiful work! 
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Norseman C.B.
Good lookin stuff  !!!............
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