Guy brought me a kiln today.  Don't have a clue as to what to do with it.  It's sectional (2pc vertical) and rather large.  Thought it might could be converted to a HT oven, but I think it's too big.  Also kicked around converting it to a salt bath for HT.  Any suggestions?  Or should I just find another home for it. IMG_0881.JPG  IMG_0879.JPG 

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I had made a heat treat oven for flint strikers, with a two brick interior, but it didn't work very well for it. Now I use it to make a quart of char cloth at a time. If the controls work maybe figure what size you would like to have and restack it. Maybe I could use an induction heater for flint strikers???[idea]
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Looks like it would be good for something. Is it electric? Pretty cool anyway.
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