My wife and I are in southern Illinois to watch the total solar eclipse.  We drove through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and will be within easy driving distances of eastern Missouri, western Indiana, Louisiana, and Mississippi (Heck, I'm retired.).  I'm looking for basic blacksmith's tools, such as tongs, hammers, propane forge, anvil (at least better than the old beat up hand-me-down I currently own), etc.

I will be spending the majority of our two week trip in the Nashville area.  Anyone live in these areas that knows of any supply shops or has any of these for sale, I would appreciate any information.

Thanks, Vince Blackerby
(My home base is Texas Panhandle.  Just haven't found any blacksmith tools anywhere yet.)
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A couple of years ago my parents were up in Muleshoe visiting a relative.  They went yard sale-ing one Saturday and found 4 tongs at a yard sale for less than $2.  It cost more to send them too me than they paid.  3 of them were wrought iron.  There's stuff to be had, you just have to look hard.  Talk to people.  Good luck.

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