Finished wrapping with waxed nylon thread, but still needs an edge

Pieces parts.

Forged from a hay rake tine.

Oak(?) forked limb for handle.

Pretty fun multi media project. Cant wait to try it out on some spoons.

Just make something!

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Hank Rearden
Nice. Bought my wife carved spoons at an art fair. Use them all the time. There are handles all over my backyard. lol
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Thanks Hank! That's what drew me to this was the simplicity and availability of the materials.
I haven't whittled purposely for very long time. Making this handle was very fun and relaxing.
This design is supposed to be a "Jack of all Trades" as far as carving is concerned. But I might still make some other curved blades for more specific purposes. At least with wood carving I can probably do some on my lunch break and not make my coworkers as nervous as if I had set up a small forging station in the back of my truck, which I have thought about doing. [biggrin]
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Skarzs the Cave Troll
I've wanted to make a carving knife for a while, but it's not very high on my to-do list that I simply haven't. Now this is making me want to, though.
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I hear ya. This just kind of happened because it seems like the fall is perfect weather for whittling [smile]
I have an old straight razor that I want to make a smaller more spoon specific knife out of too, when I find the time.
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