RobWilson mentioned the smaller anvil shaped object in one of my vids so I figured I'd tell a little about it.

It started out a 2x9xI cant remember exactly, piece of plate it weighs about 130lbs. A drop from a local steel fabricator. This was some time in 2013.
Side note, when I paid for it, the cut outs were hidden under some other stuff and the dealer thought it was solid. When we pulled it out he felt bad about it and gave me a bunch of 3/4" x 36" round bars and a piece of I-beam.

(This pic is while we were cutting it square)
I had it setup like this in the back yard at first. 
Its actually kinda funny seeing these old pics. Anyway, that's an old weight bench frame that I had it mounted in, before I had cut the bottom off. And the table you see in the top left turned into my current forge. The forge in this pic was found by my bro-inlaw in a brush pile he was pushing up with a dozer. It was a homemade deal, blower and all.
I decided I wanted to square the bottom up. Then I welded a piece we cut off on the top. Added the end of a hay fork, that I also got from my bro-inlaw. He was replacing one for someone and this was the scrap. Slapped some angle on the bottom too.
This is what I ended up with. It even has a 3/4" hardy hole.
[side1]   [top] 
I mounted it to a base of some fat lighter beams that came out of an old house, 4-6x6xI cant remember exactly, cubes banded together. I have it set up at my son's height. We had this and small section of rr track for almost a year before I acquired a real anvil. This does not have any real good rebound or anything and it is loud, but it comes in handy with the extra appendages. I like the horn on it for smaller stuff too.

Then I built my current small shop and got almost everything out of the yard in late last year.

When I find a small decent anvil for my son, I will try to turn this into a swage block or striking anvil I think.

That's my story and I'm sticking too it.. [wink]

Just make something!

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Neat little guy. I thought you had your post anvil then you went and cut on it.  lol. 

Rule #10;  "I can make that" translates to; "I'm to cheap to buy it new."

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Thanks for taking the time to post those photos , all very  interesting  good to see other folks set ups .

Cheers Rob  
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Hank Rearden
Great to see innovation. It really is inspiring.  I can't wait to build my shop. Probably a year or two off from now. My driveway is what I use now. Behind my house is and old Civil war fort. I think the furthest fort North during the war. Mostly trenches that are over grown. A Baltimore developer bull dozed a large section with out knowing it and the Historical society had a fit. They have placed markers for what remains, so I guess that's a good thing. Anyway I'm a little long winded here. The bottom of the hill is what I believe was a dump from that time and it's at the back of my property.

I've unearthed a few artifacts dating 1863. and most recently a roller. Looks like an oversized rolling pin. It's about 10" in diameter and 18" long. Made from 1/4 inch pipe. Weights about 100 lbs and has two iron handles.  I don't see any seam at this point. I plan to use it for making round things. Cool find out of the ditch. 

Maybe someone can identify it.

roller 1.jpg 

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That is pretty cool right there. The area should be a lot of fun with a metal detector.
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Interesting fined Hank ,,,,, I am sure it will be of use in your shop ,  I wonder what it original purposes was ,  some sort of hand mill for grain / black powder ?  

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