Hank Rearden
We had the first group meeting at the blacksmith Shop at Williams Grove. It was a cold day and I'm glad we had folks interested enough to show up. You can find our next scheduled meeting here on the forums calendar.

Meeting will be held during the last Sunday of the month. But check the calendar for changes.

I would like to give a special thank you to the Williams Grove Steam Engine Historical Association for allowing us to make the smitty our home. Also I would like to thank David Einhorn for his organization and information that helped create a structure for the meeting. As well as William Smith who helped promote the meeting.

Just a quick recap of today.

We discussed the opportunities the group has to build and grow. With a focus on laying the ground work to include learning for beginners as well as the opportunity for seasoned smiths to share techniques and provide them the opportunity to learn outside of the beginner settings.

We also discussed best demonstration guidelines since our meeting will coincide with other activities going on at the show grounds. There will be time during the meetings with out general public observations.

Everyone got time at the forge today in a loose fashion with future scheduling to be more structured.

We discussed options to monetize the operation so we are  self sufficient. Signage on the main road when opened and communication via this thread and forum.

We also began to make plans to update the shop. Adding a second anvil, cleaning up the building and removing items stored presently for the rail road and the grove. Improving the spectator floor and building a removable barrier between the spectators and the forge area when open to the public.

 If a consistent group membership participates we will discuss the becoming an affiliate with ABANA through the Williams Grove Association. This will allow us to host Blacksmith focused weekend shows. The grounds have all of the infrastructure to handle thousand of future participants.

Thanks you everyone,
Victor Plitt
aka. Hank Rearden

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Grandadz Forge
It was really nice to meet y'all today. Thanks for letting us join the fun. Hope to contribute as much as I'll benefit just hanging out absorbing knowledge. Looking forward to growing with this group.
--Rob Garman (Grandadz Forge)
If ya thunk it, now ya gotta make it- Grandadz Forge Blacksmithing
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