Hello! just registered. i'm 63 and live in tennessee. have my grandfathers old 140 some-odd lb. anvil, and ten or twelve assorted hammers, a nice hand cranked blower, post vice,all under a 10x12 ft. space out back. on vacation this next week,so will install a brick floor starting monday. had a perfect white beard up until two weeks ago,down almost to my belt, but caught it afire making charcoal for the forge in and old water heater tank.almost three years of careful growth gone in less than half a second.yep, that's one of the risks of being a fire-loving redneck. so far i've only done simple projects, such as ruining a plastic measuring stick with a level inside by shooting a white-hot railroad spike off the anvil and melting the stick in half.also burned a big hole in my best camo coat with an angle grinder. pierced my blue tarp with another hot spike, made a very simple squirrel cooker last week without incident,and forge welded a section of file in the edge of a spike tomahawk that hasn't fell out yet. now i've got two 5/8 in. grounding rods to make a couple proper tongs to stop those hot spikes from catching the place afire. going to the Ardmore flea market early in the morning to see what rusty old hammer heads or what-not I can find.I don't have much time to do anything right now, but suspect my body is about to tell me it's time to retire and start rednecking full time. so maybe i can ruin more stuff regularly!
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Welcome aboard!  There are 2 things I never could understand, why a smith would want a long beard and why some wear kilts.  lol.  Be sure to share your work!

Rule #10;  "I can make that" translates to; "I'm to cheap to buy it new."

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Welcome. I've lost my eyebrows a few times and melted my eyelashes together when fire got up under my face shield and safety glasses.
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Skarzs the Cave Troll
Mmm, yess, fire. Fun times. Nearly caught myself on fire pulling out a big blade from oil too soon, and I've also burnt two holes in my tarpaulin in as many days. 

Glad to have you in the family!
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Hank Rearden
Really, I think all smitties need to be built by a swimming pool. 
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Greg A
That sounds like a sweet setup. And lots of hot metal flying around. What's your temperature on a leather apron?
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Welcome aboard! Sounds like you're rigged up good. Post pics of the tongs when you get em done.
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Dustin Stephens
Welcome to the forum, and yes fire is for sure gonna find you and set you ablaze at some point.  Just pay close attention to the items that you think are not hot, I put a spike in the fire, wife called for dinner, took the spike out, laid it on the anvil, ate, come back 30 min later, picked up the spike, and now im branded HC. Ha Ha I just realized your name! Awesome, Im going to see him again in august
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