Hank Rearden
I saw this interesting technique to draw steel out. It looks like a modified roller mill. I wasn't sure were to put the post so I believe she was making a knife or sword it would fit this forum.

My question is what other types of roller mills are out there and does anyone have plans to make something like she used to draw the steel?

Video starts with some gun fun in the woods.

I think this is an interesting technique. The roller dies could create a uniform bevel and save a lot of work on the grinder.

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Gert Odendaal
Hank, a friend of mine has a similar one..it is definitely something I am going to build for myself.According to him it works perfectly..not nearly as noisy as a power hammer...although I think of building a Helve leaf spring hammer to start with just to get thicker steel drawn out..then later to build such a roller press...
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