I threw together a pritchel hole spring tool holder, or "The Third Hand" this weekend from an idea I had been rolling around. Did a rough sketch but mostly a little bit of trial and error.

Spring body is 1/2" mild round, small heavy duty clamp with bits cut from 5/8" square.

Tried to upset and get a "shelf" or "tennon" I guess, for it to set in the pritchel, eh.. sorta came out like I wanted.

Flattened the spring out to about half the thickness and put a 2" +- spring radius in it. On the other end I put a "z" shelf to support the clamp.

toolholder4.jpg    toolholder5.jpg 

Close up of the bits. I just tried to put a 90 degree notch I them. But I had to whittle it down a little to make it close properly and then I added the smaller notch to hold smaller tools. I tapped holes for 1/4" bolts.

You can see how the clamps are pressed sheet metal and have lips that help to hold the bits. Drilled a hole in the spring "z" shelf and mounted it all the way to the bit.

I works pretty good. It needs some alignment adjustment. I also think that I will make some sort of tool stops to clamp to the top of the tools so I can set them at a static height so they wont slide at all when hit.

Here is a quick instagram video of it. I will probably do a Youtube video as well, got to get back in that groove.

Whatcha think?

Just make something!

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Cool.  I need to make one of those.

Rule #10;  "I can make that" translates to; "I'm to cheap to buy it new."

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Thanks JMC. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I think it will come in handy.
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Nice.  Good luck!
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