Posted a new video, sort of a fun time lapse of a rail road spike's transformation. Music was a freebee from youtube so dont hold it against me if its not your thing [biggrin]
Let me know what ya think.

Just make something!

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That's a  lot of  hammering.  Made me tired just watching you.  lol.

Rule #10;  "I can make that" translates to; "I'm to cheap to buy it new."

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It beats the heck out of doing house work.[cool] But yeah, that's about 2hrs worth of video, over 3 forging sessions. I think I need to work on my technique, use the horn more. I also have a spring fuller hardy tool that I had made but my crappy welds had given way and I hadn't fixed them at the time. I have since fixed it by brazing. Still trying to learn how to braze, so far I like it better than welding. Anyway thanks for checking it out. 

Nice post in "iron in the pot" btw
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Hank Rearden
If the music was only percussion it would match your hammer strikes quite a few times. KOOOOOL...

It was hard for me to see weather or not you rounded your square to drawl out you steel. I think it's faster than keeping it square while drawling it out. Although the next step is to make it square after you made it round, again further drawling out the steel. Might be faster.

Liked to project. We grill all summer in our backyard.
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I picked that music from youtubes copyright free deal. Kind of a crap shoot but it worked out better than I thought it would. I'm still learning the video production part too.

As for drawing out the taper, I tried to keep it square. To me its easier than trying to keep it round, I'm just not good at it. Once I got it too length I put the twists in it and then rounded about a third of the end towards the point to make the hook. I have since got some good advice on my technique and workflow.  I might do a better instructional vid for one of these once I get good at it. This one was more of me just experimenting with having a camera at the forge.

Thanks for checking it out.

Yeah grilling season is here finally!
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A really nice bit of forging there , very interesting to watch  it always amazes me what you lads forge from those rail road spikes , cant get  them here  in the UK  , but I must admit I would have liked to see it done in real time so that I could possible pick up a tip here and there . [biggrin]

Cheers Rob  

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Hey Mr. Wilson!
Thanks for checking out the video. Never knew you couldn't get them in the UK. Do they use something different or is there another reason?

Well, the problem I had with real time, is that it took me way too long to do this. I think I had almost two hours of footage over a couple of days. I had started the video as more of an instructional deal but as it drug out I decide to turn it into a time lapse for fun thing. Also, I felt like 10 minutes is about as much of one of my videos as most people could stand so I try to keep them shorter. 

I'm pretty much a beginner blacksmith and videographer. Hopefully I will get better at both, especially the instructional part of it.

The main pointer that I can give you in hindsight is that if you want to draw something out, do it over the horn or use a fuller. I have since done that a few times and it really speeds things up.

Is there something specific in the video you would like to see real time?

I have some more vids on tap that won't be all time-lapse too.

Thanks again.
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