ok so i have a forge that spends a large portion of its like in transit... its strapped to a flat deck trailer bouncing down a logging road.... currently i use only kaowool as an insulator but it like to use refractory.... my concern is that refractory will crack during transport, any thoughts? the forge won't be moving while still hot obviously.... 
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Yikes, yeah a hard refractory could be an issue.  My forge is lined with soft fire bricks and they crack on their own.  You might be able to use that foam board, it would probably hold up better across the top.  I used to transport my Diamondback, it had a hard firebrick floor with foam board sides and top.  It should be noted that the flux from forge welding eats that insulation like water does cotton candy. 

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I guess you could pack it full of something for support while transporting.
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Hank Rearden
Just thinking here.

Do you remember that kids spring suspended horse from the late 60's early 70's? I wonder if you could make a carrier with springs on four corners to dampen the bounce while being transported. Old hood hinges from a large car from the 60's / 70's could be used. You'll also need to dampen the bounce with a shock absorber. Friction type will probable be best. Easy to make with two pieces of steel a bolt, nut, spring and two washers..

As far as common material in your forge. "it is what it is".

By the way, Are you signed up on the forum? If you're transporting a forge to and fro you probably have a few stories to share.

Great question by the way.
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Skarzs the Cave Troll
Perhaps you could try a refractory wool hardening solution. Norrin Radd has used the stuff in one of his forges lined with kaolwool. It wouldn't be as hard as cement, but it will likely hold up better than loose wool.
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Hey Skarzs is right. If you are just using loose wool a rigidizer or kiln wash/refractory coating might make it hold up better. It doesn't make it rock hard so it might be more forging to a bumpy ride. I still think that supporting the inside of it in transit couldn't hurt.

fyi here is a link to the post about my forge:
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