Kiwi tussock
1st of all, Seasons greetings all.
I was at a market yesterday and saw a reasonable sized sledge with a slot of about 10mm (3/8")  slot from side to side on its rear. 
I can imagine its a good idea for helping bend a bit of flat bar or would assist in straightening an edge of a sheet but would there be some other use for it?
I have never seen one before.
Sadly, I didn't get it and I didn't have a camera to take a snap-shot of it.
I might just try to 'pin the guy down' who was selling it and see if its still available.
Weight...... I'd imagine it would be about 5lb or maybe a tad less.
The handle was not particularly robust for using the slot but would have been ok for normal beatin' use.  I have an old beat-up Ford tractor with a bent top edge on its' front end loader bucket and I saw the sledge being of use there but came to the conclusion that the handle would probably break unless the heavy gauge plate was heated considerably first.

If I manage to find it again, I'll attach a photo to see what you guys reckon its use might have been.
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You sure it wasn't a striking tool?  I've seen top swedges that looked like you describe.

Rule #10;  "I can make that" translates to; "I'm to cheap to buy it new."

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plitterus Maximus
I can't say I know. However, It's only limited to imagination. What kind of ford tractor do you have? My dad has a ford 9n.
Off to college. Be back during break to hit something else.
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Kiwi tussock
jmccustomknives wrote:
You sure it wasn't a striking tool?  I've seen top swedges that looked like you describe.

Ahhhhhh, now you've got me tinkin'! 
That would explain why the handle was on the smallish side when it comes to sledge handles.
Yes, you could well be quite correct.  Great thinking Sir!

& to plitterus Maximus....  DSC01000.JPG The ole tractor is a UK Ford 5000 Industrial with a massive bucket (for a 5000) on the front of it.
Tis a 'ell of a noisy machine but reliable as clock work.
Bucket was used for loading out grain & firewood. Doing its front axle pivot & king pins at present. It might even get a lick of paint by Feb.
We have a much preferred David Brown 990 as well & its a gem. It runs the log splitter & only whispers compared to the damb 5000, but it doesn't have power steering nor a FEL. (front end loader).
Merry Christmas guys

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