Hey guys and girls

I've recently started filming myself in the forge at work, if you guys fancy having a look and letting me know what you think that'll be great!

Cheers all, Happy forging!

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Thanks for sharing.  It will take some time to watch all of them.  [wink]  Any knowledge you have to share is welcomed!

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Hank Rearden
Blacksmith Joe, Just watched your video of Pictures of some of my forge work in different stages of completion. I enjoyed it and thought if you had sometime you might post some of those pics here on the forum with a brief description of your work. My wife would like a garden gate. Your ideas are interesting. Video's are good but not to use as a reference. Stop and pause etc.

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Hey Joe!
I had subscribed to your channel a while ago under OrionsAnvil. Great channel, that powerhammer is sweet. Look forward to your participation here.
You may have time to get into the iron in the pot challenge.
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thanks for the reply guys,

Hope you all liked the videos, im no tech wizard when it comes to making proffetional looking videos.

I'll post some images of my next load of work.

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