Hank Rearden
Here's a nice anvil for sale on ebay. Seller is asking roughly 5 buck a pound. $750  Can anyone confirm what it is? looks excellent.  Seller wrote current link for more photos


NOHAB Swedish Cast Steel Blacksmith Anvil. NOHAB anvils were made in Trollhättan, Sweden by Nydqvist och Holm Aktiebolag ( Nydqvist Och Holm AB [AB = Aktiebolag = Company] or NOHAB). The company was founded by Antenor Nydqvist, Johan Magnus Lidström and Carl Olof Holm in 1847 as Trollhättans Mekaniska Verkstad as a manufacturer of turbines for hydraulic power plants. In 1865, the company made its first steam locomotive and in 1912 the 1,000th locomotive steamed out of the factory. In 1916 the company was reconstituted as a limited company and became NOHAB. Obviously this company knew how to cast steel and tried their hand at making anvils. They are fairly rare but do show up occasionally. I believe they are well made and will hold up well. This anvil has a hard face and excellent rebounnd. Please take a close look at the pictures of this anvil.

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