This place has a lot of new steel in 5' lengths min., some salvage steel and cuts-offs from their fab work for about $0.60/lb., their prices on new stock is lower in comparison to Lowe's or Home Depot's pricing.

"I purchased 10' 1.5" angle, 5' of 3"x1/4" Flat stock, 5' of 3"x3/16" Angle, and some cut-off for $21.20, that is close to Lowe's price for 4' of 3"Angle alone".  Also, any new stock I purchased was two or three inches oversized, plenty of room for my measurement errors.

Personnel are easy to talk to and take time to make sure you get what you want and need.
If you want specials cuts, special orders don't upset them, pay up front and they call you when the piece comes in !

Great Place, Great Buys !
Do It Right The First Time !
Location: SoCal, USA
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