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It's easy to find article on just about any and everything today except a published article on blacksmithing in general. So I felt compelled to mention what I found in the grocery store magazine rack. Below is a link to the magazine online.

Hammer Time!


 This is worth reading for both beginners and experienced smiths and deals with good hammering techniques. A good technique is important to save injury to muscles, joints and nerves as well as creating quality work. Bob goes into great detail on hammering with good practical advise.

He starts with the basics and describe the art of delivering the hammer blows, How to properly hold the hammer and why. He explains holding the heat and adjusting for heat loss. The importance of rhythm and how the good posture and breathing benefit the smith and his work. Plus more. I couldn't stop reading because of the wealth of knowledge Bob Denman shares.

A newbie can save time and energy plus become more efficient by taking 5 or so minutes to read this.  

Just a note about the original article. the "Hammer Time" this isn't the article I found on the rack. That was a step by step, how to article on forging log dogs.

After a quick search on their website with the keyword blacksmith the results yielded several nice article on blacksmith.

I believe The New Pioneer is published quarterly and I just wanted to give them some support by recognizing them and ask them to keep the blacksmithing stories coming.


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