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Here's an idea for folks getting started in blacksmithing and could use some direction. We'll do a virtual blacksmith club or class if you prefer to call it that. This will allow blacksmiths, hobbyist or apprentice getting started to do similar projects and share failure and successes with others working on the same. Better understanding of techniques will help others improve their skill set. If several folks with similar skill sets are working on similar projects. 

Here's the premise: Let's do one project a month. Let's say a set of tongs. A coal shovel and poker then some simple chisels. All those involved will go to their shops on their own schedule and work on making a set of tongs. We'll post basic instructions in the beginner forum and some techniques used. Then during the process of each individual making tongs he can share what worked well for them and what didn't in each particular forum. Upon completion we can compare what worked for us and what did not. 

There doesn't need to be a start or finish date so everyone can start and finish at their own leisure and join any ongoing project at any time. We'll just start the projects one a month at this time just to get started and not  be over whelmed. At the same time newbies will be adding to their tool supply.

If you're like me it's isn't easy or practical to find a near by school or classes. Much less find someone with the desire to teach who already has a skill set in the blacksmithing craft.

You don't have to wait to start a project. If you want to start tomorrow forging a rounding hammer just create a new sub forum under blacksmithing for beginners and add some resources IE: skill set, photos, written directions and videos. Teachers welcomed.

This fathers day 2014 Lets start with a set of tongs.

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