I was first told about a Blacksmithing Group in Williams Grove, PA by William Smith. He was organizing a Blacksmithing Group at the Early Americam Steam Engine Society at Williams Grove, PA (There was a group there before and the person that headed it up had stopped using it.) he contacted me around two years ago. I had known a long time board member there and he had just passed on... Will was really excited and he doesn't realize the seeds he has planted, thanks Will!!!

Fast Forward...to September 1, 2018 On Saturday, in the early afternoon, Brian LeGrand and Sam Shaulis moved a forge constructed by David Einhorn just outside the Williams Grove Blacksmithing Shop. From that point on it was assembled with care by group members while Sam tested the blower to see how it worked. We connected the blower to the forge by way of a piece of metal hose supplied by David Einhorn; Brian and Brad ensured the assembly was sound. Next another member started to build the coal fire... It wasn't long until the familiar greenish-yellow smoke came out of the firebox. Next, I mounted my 1908 100 pound Fisher Demonstration Anvil to the anvil stand.

"So, what comes next?" , said Sam. "Steel", I said, "but I have some special stuff... Wrought Iron from the late 1800's."

So, I found a piece of Wrought Iron in my Leather Blacksmithing Bag. At this point, the new forge had heated up nicely and we got all the tools ready. We looked at some information from a favorite book of mine while we waited "A Blacksmithing Primer" a book and DVD Set by Randy McDaniel. I highly recommend this book to every newcomer, as I told Sam, it was so he could grow up with the correct habits; learning to be a Blacksmith and not abuse himself or his equipment.
A lot of sparks, more coal, trying out of different hammers and tools, and several different young people later...
the forge was lit until after 9:00 p.m. that evening while a band played music. Several spectators, sometimes over forty in numbers watched while young people wrought and bend iron and steel into peculiar projects while interesting facts were shared and jokes were traded. We gained new members and could have had more if we were better organized, but that comes with time and patience. Hope everyone comes next year, we look forward to seeing you at the Steam Engine and Tractor Show... Look for us at the Williams Grove Historical Blacksmithing Group!!
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